Your holistic customer experience by providing transparency - easy, unbiased, at-a-glance points, miles, and cash all in one place - to the opaque loyalty market.


with Odynn

We offer four solutions: curated data per volume, standard API SaaS per call, white / grey label per user, or co-branded rev-share. Our data, tools, and machine learning algorithms power customer experience first solutions for side-by-side comparison of awards versus cash in a single display of all major flights and hotels.
Founder of Monkey Miles

Awayz provides a wonderful user experience with fast, clean, live award rates from the world’s largest hotel loyalty programs and juxtaposes them alongside comparative cash prices to easily assess value. Time is money, and Awayz collapses the time spent on multiple searches into a single click.

Zachary Burr Abel

Founder of Monkey Miles

Sr. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Odynn offers a valuable money-saving service for our members. Their team has been highly responsive, flexible, and collaborative during our content partnership.

Clay Moore

Sr. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Founder of All the Hacks

When it comes to finding the best way to use my points for hotels in a city I'm traveling to, I always start my search with Awayz. It's so easy to filter and narrow down the results and ultimately find the best property for the trip!

Chris Hutchins

Founder of All the Hacks


Features Breakdown

Curated data per volume
API integration
White/grey label
Widget embed
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Enterprise Partnerships
with Odynn

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We serve the traditional Finance, FinTech, and Travel industries. Our algorithms are easy to integrate, available by white label or API.


  • Customer-holistic view
  • Bank & reward program usage
  • Suppliers - airline & hotel


  • Award-winning UI/UX and unparalleled CX
  • Recommendations (unbiased, target-specific)
  • Cash vs. points comparison across airlines & hotels
  • Redemption rate
  • However you'd like: API, report, white label, or integration


  • Loyalty
  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Attachment
  • Share shift
  • NPS
  • And more...

Strategic Partnerships

Consumer Partnerships
with Odynn

Partner with us
Join our popular revenue share program along with our 50+ B2B2C partners. Earn 30% revenue on each paying customer you refer, plus additional earnings on affiliates you bring into our program.


You share your knowledge about travel through articles, and want your readers to be in the know of the best tools that simplify the award redemption process.


Your podcast caters to listeners that aim to travel more while spending less, with a focus on the awards already in their wallet.


You have an online course or coaching business where you educate your students on how to earn and spend their awards wisely.