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What is a “holistic” travel portal?

Odynn offers a full suite of standard travel services—ticketing, booking, customer service—in addition to the ability to stand up “points-as-cash” (aka miles) redemption, making it all-in-one or holistic.

Why is there a need for Odynn? What’s wrong with loyalty?

Post-COVID, airlines and hotels did away with their award charts making the consumer completely reliant on them for pricing. Even more, the tech to redeem transferable programs is outdated. So, that travel dream you sold your customers on if they get your card? A headache to redeem, meaning liability on the balance sheets, high cost of collateral, and next to no customer lifetime value.

How big is the market (really)?

Over 110 million people have at least 1, and on average 3, premium rewards credit cards in the U.S. alone.

What types of partners most benefit from Odynn’s services?

(1) Banks and fintechs with their own loyalty programs, (2) banks, fintechs, neobanks, and credit unions without their own loyalty programs, for whom we can launch a redeemable “miles” program, (3) corporate travel management companies looking to add business-leisure to their offerings and ancillary revenue services, and (4) travel metas who want to add product differentiation that increases clicks.

What types of end users most benefit from Odynn technology?

Anyone with a premium rewards credit card.

What sets Odynn apart from other points platforms and blogs?

Odynn is the only player with B2B enterprise SaaS capabilities that can plug into existing travel portals or stand up its own. Due to its subscription model, Odynn is also entirely independent, meaning no conflicts of interest reducing the quality of service for partners and end users.

How does Odynn charge?

Per API (standard SaaS), per user (white / gray label) or as a percentage of commissionable net dollar revenue (holistic travel portal).

How does Odynn guarantee security?

Security is the foundation of the Odynn platform. We don’t ask or store any personally identifiable information, and user login is double encrypted across servers.

What was Card Curator?

Card Curator was our founding team’s previous company: a B2C global fintech app that covered the vertical from point of purchase to points redemption back when loyalty pricing was static.

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