Asked Questions

How do I achieve my travel goals faster?

Our algorithm, CardArb®, first takes into consideration your existing points and miles. Then, it factors in all the partnerships and rules associated with credit cards, points, and miles before making recommendations. You may not always need to get any new credit cards but, if you do, those new cards will help you achieve your goals even faster. We even provide the best recommended sequence of applying for them.

How can I travel for free (or almost for free)?

First, you need to earn enough points to cover your trip. Then, redeeming those points and miles for hotels and flights will allow you to travel nearly for free.

Can I choose my favorite airlines and hotels?

Absolutely. When you set flight, hotel, and travel goals, you'll have the option to select your preferred airlines and hotels. All airlines and hotels are included by default in order to evaluate your existing rewards, that way we can determine the fastest way to achieve a primary goal.

What about the points and miles I already have?

Our recommendations take all of your existing points and miles into consideration based on your balances in the My Rewards section. If you have enough rewards to achieve your Primary Goal, you'll get recommendations for the best ways of transferring and combining your points to book your travel.

Why can I trust your recommendations?

Unlike other sites and apps, we don't get paid by credit card issuers to recommend their cards. With CardArb®, we're able to make 100% unbiased recommendations on the best cards for you.

What are the subscription options?

You can try our Premium version for 90 days free of charge. After the free trial, you can choose between a $5.99 monthly subscription or $60 annual subscription. Additionally, the Free version of the app answers the question: Which card do I use for this purchase to earn the most rewards? Simply tell us the cards in your wallet, then select your spend category (i.e. groceries, flights, rent), and we'll recommend your current best card to use.

Is Odynn secure?

Yes. Security is the foundation of the Odynn platform. We don't store any personal or financially sensitive information (i.e. full credit card numbers, security codes).

How does Odynn charge?

Per API (standard SaaS), per user (white / gray label) or as a percentage of commissionable net dollar revenue (holistic travel portal).

How does Odynn guarantee security?

Security is the foundation of the Odynn platform. We don’t ask or store any personally identifiable information, and user login is double encrypted across servers.

What was Card Curator?

Card Curator was our founding team’s previous company: a B2C global fintech app that covered the vertical from point of purchase to points redemption back when loyalty pricing was static.

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